Download Tracks from Against The Grain

by Merci Latina

Merci Latina are:

  • Tim Fredericks - songwriter, male vocal, rhythm guitar
  • Clare Howell - female vocal
  • Ian Tatlock - acoustic guitar
  • Shaun Lowe - lead guitar, bass, piano, organ, drums

Production at Prism Studios
The tracks are available in MP3, WAV & FLAC format.

Against The Grain
Stranger On A Train WAV MP3 FLAC
Something In Her Heart WAV MP3 FLAC
Eastgate Street WAV MP3 FLAC
Wolverhampton WAV MP3 FLAC
Daisy In The Midday WAV MP3 FLAC
Sad And Lonely Women WAV MP3 FLAC

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Download Tracks from Down in the Middle

The tracks are available in both MP3 and WMA format.

Down in the Middle
All People Join Hands WMA MP3
Lady WMA MP3
Southern Girl (1976) WMA MP3
Something in Her Heart WMA MP3
Row This Boat WMA MP3
Song for Phil WMA MP3
Battling Johnny Keats WMA MP3
Sweet Lucrecia Jayne WMA MP3
Somebody's Daughter WMA MP3
Woman's Friend WMA MP3
Young Man (1976) WMA MP3
Wolverhampton WMA MP3
Stranger on a Train WMA MP3
Mariana WMA MP3
Structure Coming Down WMA MP3
Miss Lucy Green WMA MP3
Soul Rebel WMA MP3
Where the Girls are Dancing WMA MP3
Love of a Wild-Hearted Girl WMA MP3
The Pledge WMA MP3

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